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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week of September 21 - 25

Homework -
Thursday - 9/24

Tomorrow is the Walk-a-Thon. Students should wear their gym uniforms.

Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.

Math - sheet

Reading Practice Book - page 3

Science - finish your observations from the park.  Be sure to include the weather conditions, what the sky looked like, what you observed about the ground, etc. Color your sketches if you like.

Also, list the things you observed in two columns - one for living things and one for non-living.

Wednesday - 9/23

Reminder - Students should wear their gym uniforms tomorrow because of our trip to the park.

Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.

RRJ - 2 options:
In the chapter we read today, Suds began to describe what his family and life is like. Either make text to self connections between his family and your family or make a list of your favorite treasures like Suds did.

Word Study - Finish glossary definitions for the words if you didn't finish them in class. Study the words and their meanings.

Reading Practice Book - page 2 (it's about the same vocabulary words).

Math - study the word forms of the numbers one to one hundred on the sheet I gave you. You should be able to spell them all correctly. Be especially careful to include the hyphen in numbers like twenty-three.  Quiz on the numbers on Monday.

9/22 NOTE:

I received a very good question in the comments section about whether or not you have to describe the room you draw.

I know we did that in class today, but no.  For homework you only have to draw and color the room. You can start thinking about what things in the room are living and what are non-living. We'll be discussing that tomorrow.

Homework -

Tuesday - 9/22

Reminder - Walkathon envelopes are due tomorrow. Also, please send in the Science trip permission slip if you haven't already.

Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.

RRJ - respond to the question in your RRJ.  From the story Fourth Grade Rats, who would you prefer to have as a friend, Joey (the rat) or Suds (the angel)?  Explain your choice.

Math - sheet on expanded form.  NOTE:  The sheet says expanded notation. That's the same as what our book calls expanded form.  I filled in some of the blanks for you as an example. You should fill in the rest.

Science - In your Science notebook (on page 2) sketch a detailed drawing of a room in your house.

Homework -

Monday - 9/21

Remember the Home School Association Meeting and Meet the Teachers Night is Monday, September 21st. The Walk-a-Thon is Friday September 25th.

Because of the HSA Meeting tonight, the only homework is:

Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.

Write a prayer for peace.

In answer to the question someone posted, yes, the prayer should be on looseleaf unless you prefer to type it on your computer.

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