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Monday, May 4, 2009

Week of May 4 - May 8


No homework - but we are out of paper towels so any that could be sent in would be appreciated. Thanks!


Reading - 20 minutes. Respond in RRJ. Also do worksheet on timeline for passage from Lou Gehrig story.

Math - Study for test.

Religion - Read and complete pages 175 - 177.


Reading - 20 minutes. Record in RRJ.

Writing - In RRJ, write how you imagine the next scene in Granny Torrelli. Remember that the previous chapter ended with the twin boys moving into the house across from Bailey.

Math - make up 5 multiplication problems and solve them using whichever method you prefer. Remember test is on Friday so be ready to ask for help on anything you don't understand.

Social Studies - Write a letter from yourself, pretending you are a child in Dutch New Amsterdam in the late 16oo's. Be sure to include lots of details about what your life would have been like at that time.Write it on looseleaf or type if you prefer. I'll be collecting them so don't do in your notebook.


Reading - 20 minutes and respond in RRJ

Math - sheet on Lattice multiplication. If you're confused, here's a great site for step by step reminders. Cool Math 4 kids.com

Social Studies - Read pages 112 - 119 and answer all of the questions on page 119 in notebook.

Important notice -

Mrs. Bardo sent a notice home with each child today showing you how to gain access to a wonderful new online Children's art museum called Artsonia.com. Each child's artwork is on exhibit and you can actually order items (mugs, toe bags, aprons, etc.) with the artwork on them. Every child received an own individual account and access code. Please check your child's folder.


Reading - 20 minutes and respond in RRJ

Writing - Write or type the good copy of both your Daffodil and NYC poems and illustrate.

Grammar - worksheet

Math - sheet
test on Friday on double digit multiplication

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