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Monday, May 18, 2009

Week of May 18 - May 22

Wednesday -

Because the students have worked so hard all year and have had to do test prep on every vacation, I'm assigning NO homework for this 5 day weekend except to relax and enjoy.

Reminder - Mass tomorrow for Ascension Thursday.

Tuesday -

REMINDER - Bake Sale tomorrow

Read for 20 minutes. In RRJ, write a paragraph sharing your thoughts about Pleasing the Ghost.

SS - study for the test and complete the essay sheet. Rewrite a good copy of your letter about the English invasion of Dutch New York.

Math - sheet about mode and range.

Monday -

A few reminders -

Please return the trip permission slips as soon as possible.

Mission Bake Sale is scheduled for Wednesday. If you promised to send in something, please send it Wednesday morning.

Read for 20 minutes and respond in RRJ.
Reading Practice book - pages 132 and 133.

SS - study for the test

Complete any of the SS or Religion classwork that you did not finish this afternoon while I was off grading state tests.

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