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Monday, May 11, 2009

Week of May 11 - May 15

Friday -

No written homework.

Social Studies test Wednesday on Unit 2, Chapter 4, Lessons 1-3.

Thursday -

Reading - read for 20 minutes.

On construction paper, draw and color your favorite scene from Granny Torrelli to accompany your review.

Math - Daily Homework Practice Book - page 25

Social Studies - 3 sheets


Everyone (100% of the class) passed the NYS Science Test! Nice work!

Wednesday -

Religion - study for test and do the 2 essay questions on looseleaf.

Reading - read for 20 minutes

Writing - finish a good copy of your Granny Torrelli review on looseleaf.

Tuesday -

Because so many class members were involved with either the art show or the Science Fair tonight, I'm changing the Religion test to Thursday and only giving one other homework assignment. Please work on the second and third paragraphs of your Granny Torrelli review.

Congratulations to Julius and Vincent for earning an Honorable Mention in the Science Fair for their project Lemon Juice Rockets.

Congratulations to all of the students who earned a place in the Science Fair. You all did a wonderful job with your projects and deserve much credit!

Parents: ELA test results were released today so please be sure to check with your child about the score. Congratulations to all the 4th graders who performed exceptionally well on a difficult test. Well done!

Monday -

Read for 20 minutes. Begin to work on the second paragraph of your Granny Torrelli review by making a list of the things you'd like to include. Remember not to give too much of the story away.

Social Studies - Complete the sheets for Documents 1 and 2. Read and answer carefully. We will be using all 5 documents to build an essay answer by the end of the week. This is also good practice for the Grade 5 SS state test.

Religion - complete whatever pages of Chapter 13 you haven't finished (including the review pages). We will go over them tomorrow. Test is on Wednesday.

The Science Fair is Tuesday night so if you are included, be sure to practice your presentation and make sure you have all materials you need tomorrow.

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