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Monday, October 17, 2011

Week of October 17th

Reminder - Great American Spell Check pledge forms are due.
Please note - all students will participate in the Spelling challenge (whether they return pledge sheet or not) because these are words 4th graders should know.

Thursday Homework -

Read for 15 minutes. By tomorrow morning you should have finished the first 3 chapters of The Witches. If you have not read that much so far, read The Witches tonight. If you already read 3 chapters, read a different book tonight.

RRJ - sheet with 3 questions about The Witches.
SS - sheet about Main Idea and Details (Glaciers)

Wordly Wise - Lesson 2 spelling test tomorrow.

Reminder - Library tomorrow

Upcoming Tests:

Friday - 10/21 - Wordly Wise Lesson 2 Spelling
Tuesday - 10/25 - Wordly Wise Vocabulary Test
Wednesday -10/26 - Science (Glaciers)
Friday - 10/28 - Social Studies (info to follow)

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 15 minutes in The Witches. Make sure you at least finish Chapter 1. Don't read past Chapter 3.
RRJ - How is Roald Dahl's description of witches different or the same as what you drew and wrote?
ELA - Grammar workbook page 3
Religion - Mass question in notebook.  Why is it important that we attend Mass as a class each week? Think about what you wrote for Monday's homework to help you answer this question.
Science - sheet

Tuesday Homework –

Read for 15 minutes. In your RRJ, write a letter to me telling me about what you’ve been reading in the last week. Tell me your thoughts about your book(s).

ELA – Grammar workbook page 2
Math – sheet
Science – sheet

Math test signed

Remember - Spanish is tomorrow!

Monday Homework

Read the article with a family member. According to the article, what are some of the reasons it is important for you to attend Mass on Sunday (or Saturday evening)?

Write a paragraph explaining your answer. (On looseleaf)

Math – workbook page 6.  Do 13 – 20 in notebook first.

RRJ – Draw what you think a witch looks like. What do you know about witches?

Wordly Wise 2A and 2B
Test signed and corrected. To correct the test, write the definitions of the words you got wrong and explain why the other answer is correct.

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  1. Arianna asked:
    Mrs.Curry is it okay if the pumpkin i bring in is painted? Arianna

    Arianna, that's okay as long as you don't mind cutting into the design because we have to cut them up.