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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week of October 11th

Thursday Homework -
Read for 15 minutes
ELA - write good copy of your 4 paragraph James and the Giant Peach essay on looseleaf.
Math - study for test.  If you want to use text book to review, use pages 1, 36, 40 and 42. Remember this includes writing words for numbers.  If you want to use the workbook, it's pages 1, 3 and 4. NOT page 2.

REMINDER - Library is on Thursday!  Remember your folders.

Wednesday Homework

Read for 15 minutes
Wordly Wise sheet (use 1E to help you).
Math - sheet
Also, come in prepared to ask for whatever help you need for Friday's test
SS - Read pages 10 - 15 and do mini-sheet

Spanish -

There was a problem today with many people forgetting books or homework for Spanish  so I'll post it on the side each week.

Last week's homework was to do pages 1 - 4 and do quick quiz on page 5.

Read pages 5 and 6 and do answers on page 7

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 15 minutes.

RRJ – Choose ONE scene from the movie James and the Giant Peach that is the same as the book and write a paragraph telling how it is the same.

Math - workbook page 3
Religion - sheet (color and cut out)
Wordly Wise - test on meanings tomorrow
Spelling test signed and corrected 5X each


  1. Caroline ArdizzoneOctober 11, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Hey Mrs.Curry,

    How is school?...guess what....im playing the alto saxophone, its realing interesting, and i think my music teacher said that all its pieces are very fragile. plus i got the iPad2. the school provides the iPad...we put work stuff on it plus our enjoyment......just checking in, teressa, amanda, and i are in the same spanish class together. Stephanie is in Latin, though; but Stephanie's in my homeroom, even is Kaylins brother,Matthew! although i do like Genesis, i do miss all my friends and teachers at St.Ephrems'. Please comment back! Its different not seeing all my friends and former teachers at St.Ephrems. It's different. I want to come visit you one day, hopefully soon..........

    Love You, Mrs.Curry,,,
    Caroline Ardizzone

  2. Hi Caroline!

    I'm so glad you dropped by to say hello. This is so weird because I was just thinking about you - just about the time you must have been typing this. I have a note for you that I found on my kitchen table because I forgot to mail it. Is it okay if I give it to Olivia?
    I miss seeing you each day. I hope you do stop by for a visit so I can hear all about your year.

    Miss you!