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Monday, March 7, 2011

Week of March 7th

Thursday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes
Religion - Lenten Journal entry in NB
Science - Study sheets - test tomorrow
Math - work book page 124 and study shapes for quiz (Main test is Tuesday on area and perimeter and 2D shapes.

Wednesday Homework -

There is no written homework today.

Read for 25 minutes.  Today is World Read Aloud Day so I encourage  you to use part (or all o=) of this time to read aloud to someone.

Religion - read pages 231 - 233

Science - study sheets for test.

Math - study shapes

Tuesday Homework

Read for 25 minutes
Reading packet
Science - sheets (study)
Math sheets  (study)
Religion - Lenten sacrifice  - Remember to think about what you are doing or giving it up and how you can offer that as a prayer/sacrifice for a greater good (like world peace or an end to world hunger or just a private intention)

Monday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes. This can include the time spent on the reading packet.

ELA - packet about Sequence.

Math - p 123

Science - sheets on the Water Cycle (Test Friday. The material for the test will be what is on the sheets you have tonight and tomorrow and the work in your notebook.)

REMINDER - Spanish homework due tomorrow - pages 134 - 135. Copy A & B.

Mrs. Bartone has requested that anyone who didn't send in the ERate survey please do so. If you don't have it any longer, let me know and I'll get you a new one. The information is anonymous and confidential but it's critical that we have it to receive the grants that enable us to purchase technology for use in the classroom.

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