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Monday, March 14, 2011

Week of March 13th

Anyone who didn't return the report card appointment schedule form can send me an email or make a comment here and I'll schedule you.

I will be at an education conference tomorrow and Saturday so all work assigned for Thursday/Weekend is due on Monday.

Weekend homework -

ELA packet (about dogs)
Math - COACH Lessons 23 and 24
Finish Leprechaun story

Thursday homework

Read for 25 minutes
St. Patrick's Day packet
King Puck chart and essay (from sheet)
Share the St. Patrick's Day prayers with someone

Wednesday Homework -

 Read for 25 minutes
Coach ELA Lessons 2 an 3 in notebook
Math textbook - do on looseleaf
page 376 - # 1 - 6
page 378 - # 1 - 3
page 379 - # 1 - 10 (not # 6) and # 14

Tuesday Homework

Read for 25 minutes
SS - DBQ essay
LA - sentences in LA notebook using the words we discussed

Monday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes
Reading sheet on fact and opinion
LA sheet (both sides) on capitalization.
Math - 3 sheets on area and perimeter
For tomorrow's Math test study, 2D shapes (polygons) and how to find area and perimeter. Remember you do need to know the different names for quadrilaterals.

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