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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Call for Scholastic Reporters

This message is probably more for the outgoing 4th grade because you have to be 10 by November 1st to apply, but it's something to think about for everyone.

Scholastic Magazine for Kids is looking for reporters.

 If you're interested in becoming a Kid Reporter for Scholastic, you can find more about it and the qualifications for applying on the Scholastic Website.  How To Join the Scholastic Press Corps.
Here's some info from the site:

About the Scholastic Kids Press Corps
Members of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps cover news stories for www.scholastic.com/kidspress and select Scholastic classroom magazines. About 25 new press corps members are chosen each school year. The program is open to all students ages 10-14 with a burning desire to be a journalist. The selection of Kid Reporters is based on writing ability, interviewing skills, and attention to detail.

I think some of you would be really good at this so why don't you take a look and consider it.  I'll be happy to help you with anything you need for the application.

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