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Monday, November 30, 2009

Week of November 30th - December 6th

Amanda,  for this first word study test I expect you to be able to match a word with a definition - (some matching column, some multiple choice) and to use the word correctly in a sentence.

Yes, Teressa, for now you only decorate your folder with pictures of the animal you picked. You can either draw them or find pictures and cut them out.

Alex - Re the card for Ms. Michelle, no it doesn't have to be in by tomorrow.  Please have them to me by Wednesday at the latest so I have time to put it all together.  Thanks!

Weekend -

Reminder - dismissal is at 11:30 on Monday.

REMEMBER to try to bring in an empty 2 liter soda bottle if you have one to use for our Three Sisters Gardens. We'll start planting them on Thursday if we have enough bottles.

Weekend homework is the card for Ms. Michelle and to decorate your Native American folders with your clan animal. If you need a reminder, click on the link on the side and it will take you to the page we looked at in class today. Isabelle and Anthony, don't worry about that since you don't have a folder or a clan yet. We'll set you up when you get back.  Hope you're feeling better soon!

Ms. Michelle's last day with us will be this Friday.  :-/

 We'll be having a party for her on Friday afternoon so if you'd like to bring in a treat you may but you don't have to.

Yet another reminder - about the three tests for next week.  There are three because the Math and Science should be really easy. You all know everything for these tests. Science is about food chains and Math is multiplication. Just make sure you know the definitions of the parts of a food chain (you can find review information and even some games on this site - food chains).  For math - make sure you know array, product, factors, and the four properties - zero, identity, commutative and associative. And of course you have to know how to multiply. :)

The word study test is on the meanings of the words from Word List 1.


Reminder - please send in the report card conference form if you haven't already done so.  Thanks!

Homework - Thursday

Read for 20 minutes and enter on December Log.

Math - sheet

Word Study - sheet

SS - finish DBQ.  Due Friday

Study for upcoming tests -
Wednesday - Science (food chains)
Thursday - Math (multiplication)
Friday - Word Study (on the List 1 words you've been working on - the ones in your word study folder)

Homework - Wednesday

Read for 20 minutes and enter on December Log. You should have handed in the November Log by now.

Religion - read pages 156 - 157. Do first question only on page 157.

Math - page 41 in DHP book. Do questions 1 and 2 from page 42 on looseleaf. Show all work.

Word Study - sheet

Science - finish park observation

SS - DBQ essay (Due Friday)  Note - DBQ should be handwritten on looseleaf, not typed.


Tomorrow is the Christmas Sale. Our class will go at 10 am.

Homework -  Tuesday

Rosa Parks packet.  Read the Interview with Rosa Parks and the other sheets and answer the questions.

Math - do the even problems on page 54of Daily Homework Practice Book. You can use either the traditional method or the Lattice method but show all your work in your notebook.

If you need some help remembering the Lattice method check this website -  link to lattice math

Tomorrow is the last day to send in money for Econoboards.

In response to the question regarding Econoboards -

The Econoboards are the boards used by the children for their Science Fair Projects.  The Science Fair committee sent home a letter last week  with the ordering information. It costs $3.75 to order one. The paper said that the money was due last Monday but we are still accepting orders.  Although it is early to be thinking about Science Fair projects, the committee wanted to order the boards so the children would have them over Christmas Break to begin working.

GET WELL wishes go out to all who were home sick today. We missed you and hope you're feeling better soon!

Homework - Monday

A couple of important reminders -

1.  Park trip is tomorrow. Remember your permission slip if you haven't already sent it.
2.  Notices to sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences went home today. Please return as soon  as            possible.
3.  December calendars went home today.
4.  It's not too late to send in the money for the Econoboards.  Please send as soon as possible.

Read for 20 minutes. This is the last day of the November reading log so please finish filling it in and bring it in tomorrow.  In your RRJ, write me a letter telling me your thoughts about your November reading.

Math - both sides of sheet. Today's Measurement Monday lesson was linear metric measurement.

Science - write a reflection (on looseleaf) about what you learned in today's Science lab. How did working on the Thanksgiving food chain help you to better understand the role of producers and consumers?

SS - sheet.  For those who prefer to see the photo in color - here's a link. Just click on the image to make it larger.  The title of the image is The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson.

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