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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Homework - November 12th

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.

Religion - use book to complete key word sheet

Math - Daily Homework Practice Book - page 33.  Do 2 - 14.  EVEN # problems only. Also do 16 and 17.  You need to draw an array that expresses each of these problems.  Do in notebook.

Science - study sheets for test. If using text, it's only lesson 4 on ecosystems.


To the student who just emailed me a question.  I don't have the book that came from home with me, but if you type the sentence into a comment, I'll look at it and try to help you.

edited to add - I got your followup question. If you look on page A48 of your text, the last sentence in the first paragraph, you should see -

"Consumers and decomposers must get food from producers or other consumers."

That should help.

Also, to the person who emailed asking if the test was on all of chapter 1.

I told you that the test was on the material on the 5 worksheets only.  I gave back two corrected ones, I'll give back the other tomorrow, and the last one is the one you have now. 

If you're relying on your text, it is on Lesson 4 only.  That's pages  A 38 - A51 but not including A44 and 45.

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