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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm not sure if anyone is still checking here, but in case you are -

Welcome to the new fourth graders and their families. I'll post more of a welcome to you next week. If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to email me through the link at the left.

For now, I just have one more thing to say to the outgoing 4th grade.


Everything else I had to say was in the letters I wrote to you and your parents.
I hope you have a wonderful summer, keep the good memories of 4th grade close, forget about testing  Cool  And enjoy your vacation!

And never stop learning!  For example, did you know that this weekend's SuperMoon looks much larger because it's closer to earth, but it's really only 3 miles closer than usual?  It's true. You can read about it here - SUPERMOON
It's the biggest moon we'll see until 2014.
The moon is also called the perigee moon. There's a vocabulary word for you!
If you're feeling really interested, you could do your own entry in your Science Journal!

Last week of school

Wednesday -

YES!!!!  There is dress down for the last day of school. Mrs. Bartone announced it to the students this morning. She said they may dress down but appropriate for church so no short shorts, tank tops, flipflops, etc.

Tuesday news:

Mrs. Bardo said that anyone who would like a copy of their video should bring a flash drive or CD to school tomorrow and she will copy it for you.

We will have a class end-of-the-year celebration tomorrow (Wednesday) so if anyone would like to send in treats, please do.
Thursday we will attend the 8:45 Mass as a school and dismissal will be at 10:00.

Report cards will be distributed and children will find out their 5th grade classes at that time.

Mythology Day has come and gone and Mount Olympus is still intact.  Cool

I was so impressed by the creativity of the costumes and the students' enthusiasm. I think we could open our own armory based on the assortment of tridents, spears, and lightning bolts!

The only homework tonight is to correct and review the math assessment. I was rather disappointed in some of the careless mistakes because this was Math everyone should know well.  We will re-assess tomorrow.

Just a reminder - because we're expanding Reflex to grades K - 8, I had to change the login. The login for the entire school is now SESReflex.  Your passwords stay the same. Over the summer, I will switch you up to 5th grade!

IMPORTANT:  PLease be sure you see the notice about school being closed on Wednesday.

MYTHOLOGY DAY - (Thursday)

Students may wear their costumes to school or they may wear regular clothes (uniforms not required) and change when they get here.  Innocent
Tuesday Homework -

Write a paragraph about the God/Goddess/Hero that you chose to be. Tell us about the character and why you chose him/her.

Make sure your Science notebook is complete and ready to be graded on Thursday!

Monday Homework -

SS sheet on longiture and latitude.

Math review sheet

Write a poem about butterflies on the butterfly shape sheet.

Science - read the butterfly sheets and tape/staple/glue them into your notebook. Start checking your notebook to be sure it is complete. I will be collecting them on Thursday to grade.

MYTHOLOGY DAY is Thursday. As part of our celebration, we will be watching The Lightning Thief. It is rated PG so if you do not want your child to watch it, please send me a note.

I promised that once testing was done there would be no weekend homework.

So - unless you need to be doing REFLEX, you have no specific homework.

Thursday will be Mythology Day. Parent, please don't feel obligated to come up with some fancy costume. Sheets as togas, cloth draped around, anything you come up with is fine. It's just meant to be fun.

I was gone all day today to score the 8th grade Science test. I got such a good report about how hard everyone worked all day, that once again the only homework will be to read and REFLEX for those who need it.

REMEMBER - tomorrow is DONUT DAY!

No written homework as a reward for being so diligent about Field testing today. I was so proud of the work everyone did!

Read for 30 minutes and do REFLEX if you are not at 100%.

REMINDER - Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day.  $2 to benefit the 8th grade activities.

The note on the calendar was a bit confusing (at least to me!) It appeared (to at least some besides me) that the dress down day was only for 8th graders, but in fact it was meant for all but to benefit the 8th grade.

Friday is National Donut Day.  Since we are celebrating the contributions of the Dutch (including donuts), we will celebrate on Friday. Anyone who would like to send in any kind of donuts are welcome to.  Please email me if you can send in donuts so I have some idea what to expect. Thank you!

Tomorrow is the ELA Field test. This test does not count toward the children's scores. In fact, we get no results or reports for these field tests.

Tuesday Homework -
Read for 30 minutes.
Math sheet
Social Studies  - only pages 39, 40, 42. You do not have to do the extra question about the brochure.

Here is the link to Steven and Michael's Math game for anyone who would like to play.

 All actual state testing is finished! We have been chosen to participate in a Field Test for ELA - Writing on Wednesday, but those scores will not count.

Because the children have worked so hard preparing for the tests, there is no homework tonight!

Reminder - tomorrow is Nacho Day.

Also, Friday is National Donut Day.  Since we are celebrating the contributions of the Dutch (including donuts), we will celebrate on Friday. Anyone who would like to send in any kind of donuts are welcome to.

Thanks in advance!



So, we're done with one of the two days of Science testing.

The final session - the multiple choise and written response test - will be on Monday, June 3rd.

For homework this weekend, I gave the 2009 test as a practice.
I also made up a study packet based on some common mistakes I have been seeing.

If there is anything you are confused about, feel free to email me.

For those who were concerned because some of the answers in the study packet didn't photocopy well, here are the correct answers.

Page 3: The chart for the water cycle should read like this:

Condensation     A
Evaporation        E
Groundwater       D
Precipitation       B
Runoff                  C

The picture below that - Letter C is the correct choice to show runoff.
Page 4:
34.  Evaporation
35.  Condensation
36.  Any two of the following: rain, sleet, snow, hail, freezing rain

Page 5.  # 31
Condensation    B
Evaporation       A
Precipitation      C
Runoff                 D

Page 8
#41 should be  Germination occurs between seed and seedling.
#42 Seeds are produced by the Mature Plant.

Happy Weekend!!!

For those who were curious - this is the link to Camp Half-blood in Prospect Park.

The Science Performance Test (experiments) will be on Friday, May 31st (a change from Wednesday the 29th) and the Written test will be on Monday, June 3rd.

Thursday Homework

Tomorrow is the Science Performance test.  The students should feel confident because they are totally ready for this. They just need to read carefully and follow directions.

As a review - look over the following lessons in the Science text and be sure you know the main info we have discussed:  Lessons E 2, F 1 and F8.
Get a good night's sleep, eat a hearty breakfast, and bring #2 pencils.

Wednesday Homework -

2006 Science Test
Update your notebooks with your Quest info.
Remember to leave 5 - 6 pages empty for our butterfly observations.

Page 32 Quest # 1  Staple, paste or tape the quest sheet and the data sheet for the Rain Quest. Write which container you chose and why you chose it.

Page 33 Quest # 2  Staple, paste or tape the quest sheet into your notebook. Make a chart showing which items you tested and whether or not they conducted electricity.
Write which material you plan to use for your lightning container and explain why you chose it.

Page 34  Quest #3 Staple, paste or tape the quest sheet into your notebook. Make a chart showing which items you tested and whether or not they were attracted to the magnet.

If you didn't get to test everything for Quest 3, you can use what you remember from when you were training for this quest last week.

Explain how you plan to shield the lightning bolt from the big magnet Hades is using.
Use what you have learned about Science and what you know from mythology to create your best work! Percy, Annabeth, and  Grover are counting on you!

Tuesday Homework -

1. Read Lessons Read Lessons 21 - 24 and take notes on anything important you need to learn.
2. Prepare for your Quest by studying the chapters in COACH that will help.

Friday Homework -

READ COACH Lessons 29, 30, 31, 32, 33,  and 34.
Do 2007 practice test.
Have a Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.
Math - REFLEX for those who are below 90%
Science - 3 worksheets to review ecosystems, water cycle, etc.
COACH - read lessons 27, 35 and 36. Reread it until you are sure you understand.
Do a Cicada observation in your notebook based on the cicadas we saw today and the pictures we looked at.
When I get home, I'll upload the pictures of the cicadas that Mrs. Mainolfi sent me.

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.
Wordly Wise  - study - test tomorrow.
Science - Read pages F78 - 85 and do questions 1 - 4 in your notebook.
RRJ - Write a paragraph to answer this question. Would you want to live forever like Chiron? Why or why not?

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.
Math - workbook page 153
Wordly Wise  - study. Spelling test is tomorrow. Vocabulary test is Thursday.
Science - Read COACH Lessons 17 - 20 (Just think about the questions.)
Do sheet about water cycle

Monday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.
Wordly Wise Lesson 12 E
Religion page 185 activity
Science - sheet (both sides)

Weekend Homework -

Wordly Wise test Wednesday. I reminded everyone to bring the book home to study!

Science - I'm sorry, I thought I had a copy of the COACH book home, but I don't so I don't have the exact page numbers. The assignment is the first three lessons in Chapter 5.

Thursday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.
Science - 2010 Practice test
Math - workbook page 160

Bring in pictures of what you ate.
Make sure you have your egg drop materials.
Your myth about the 22 degree halo is due Friday.

Wednesday Homework -
Read for 30 minutes.
Wordly Wise C & D
Science - Lesson 6 in packet
Bring in pictures of what you ate.
Make sure you have your egg drop materials.
Your myth about the 22 degree halo is due Friday.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes (Mythology packet)
Science - 2 sides of sheet
Math - finish packet
Writing - work on a "myth" to "explain" the 22 degree halo we saw today. Due Friday.


Update:  For those who have been wondering - t

These are some pictures of the 22 degree Halo we saw at recess today.

Monday Homework -

Read for 35 minutes.
Wordly Wise Lesson 12 A & B
Start to bring in your materials for the Egg Drop (Don't bring eggs.)





Happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful mothers. Your children are so very lucky to have you!

Weekend homework -

Science - read pages A 40 - A 50 and take notes on the important facts the way you have learned.
Study the information I gave you on the measurement sheet (The little chart that reviews what you are measuring, the tool, and the unit of measure).

Thursday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes

Science - finish plant packet
Math - sheet to review double-digit multiplication
Study for Religion test.

Reminder - tomorrow is Spanish so don't forget whatever you said you would bring in.

Mr. Diffendale is asking for any students who would like to perform during the Night of Hope benefit on May 31st. Anyone who would like to participate should let me know as soon as possible. Notices about the benefit went home with the students.

Wednesday Homework -
Study Wordly Wise and Religion
Read for 30 minutes
Science - sheet
SS - Read text pages 112 - 117. Do questions 1 - 5 from page 117 in your notebook using TTQA. No need to write the question out if you do TTQA.

Remember - Newbery Award project - sheet due tomorrow

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.
Science- thermometer sheet and Plants packet up to page 22.
Newbery Award Project - sheet due Thursday. Remember to draw your award on the back.

Monday Homework -
Read for 30 minutes.
Science - Read pages A82 - 89 and take notes
Religion - page 182

Friday Homework -

There is no written homework. You get one more weekend to relax and enjoy Spring.
Upcoming Tests:
Wordly Wise – we will be having a test on Lesson 11 on Thursday!
Religion Test on the 4th Commandment on Friday.
REMEMBER:  Art homework is due Tuesday.

Thursday Homework -  
REMEMBER - tomorrow is a dress down day. $2 and dress in your favorite team shirt. It can be either a professional sport or your own team sport.

Read Social Studies pages 104 - 108. Read it two times and take notes in your notebook.

ELA - sheet based on our Newbery study

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.

In your RRJ – fold page in half to make two columns. In one column list at least three things that you think make Tale of Despereaux a good enough book to win the Newbery Award (even if you didn’t like it).

In the second column write anything that you think was a problem in the book or things that made you dislike it.

Science – sheet (You need your text book)

Tuesday Homework -

Science - Read pages A68 – A74 and take notes the way you have learned (Headings and important facts.)  This will be #20 in your Table of Contents.  Title is All About Plants.
Be sure to copy the main idea.

Wordly Wise – we will be having a test on Lesson 11 next week so study!

Monday Homework:

Read for 30 minutes for fun!
Clean up your Science notebook by stapling or taping the Cicada papers into the space where we left room. Read the rest of the Three Sisters Garden paper and take notes on what you need to do to finish your garden. You can add more info in on what you've already learned and done. Remember, the more you do, the better your Science notebook will be.

Remember to bring Tale of Despereaux to school.

Testing is


Congratulations on accomplishing SO much!!!!

Enjoy the weekend and relax.  There's no homework except to look at these pictures and imagine how you would make a model of the cicada.

Parents: we're going to be doing a number of projects that require soil. If anyone is able to donate some bags of potting soil, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

17 year cicada 2
13-year cicada in 2011 from Brood XIXhttp://global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/Scitech/cicadas%20color.jpg

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