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Monday, May 14, 2012

Week of May 14th

Wednesday Homework -

2007 Science Practice Test

COACH - read and study lessons 12 and 13 and 25 - 28.

Tuesday Homework -

40th Anniversary card for Father With

Science COACH - Read and study Lessons 29 - 34.  Be sure you really understand it.

Monday Homework -

Study for Religion test - Fourth Commandment

Science  - COACH - pages 94 - 96 - 7 questions. You can do on the same looseleaf as last time.
Read Lessons 21 - 24

ESSAY - In your Science notebook, do a Venn diagram and then write an essay comparing and contrasting the two types of landscapes we looked at today.  You can find the images again by going to these links.

Hudson River School of Art - traditional landscapes  on PBS   or Metropolitan Museum of Art

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