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Monday, February 13, 2012

Week of February

REMINDER - Dismissal is at 11:30 tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Crazy Hat Day!

Thursday Homework

Read for 25 minutes.
Religion - Study Lessons 9 and 10 for test.  Be sure to know the first two commandments, the key words and the chapter review pages.
Reading - sheets
Math - sheet

I personally put the sheets on each student's desk so I know everyone received them.

Wednesday Homework

Read for 25 minutes.
Religion - finish pages 128 - 129 if you didn't finish in class. Study Lessons 9 and 10 for test on FRIDAY.
Think Reading - pages 96 - 98
Math - workbook page 119
Science test is postponed until after break

Tuesday Homework -

Thank you to all the families who attended last night's meeting! Your child received a thank you note from Mrs. Bartone today.

Read for 20 minutes.
SS - Read pages 78 - 83 and do sheet.
Religion - Read and complete pages 125 - 127 and page 130
Wordly Wise - 11 E and study for test.

Monday -

Reminder - tomorrow is a dress down in red day.  $2 donation

The only homework tonight is math workbook page 123 because all students are asked to attend the workshop on bullying with their parents. The meeting starts at 7 and should last about an hour.

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