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Monday, September 26, 2011

Week of September 26th

Tomorrow is the final day of Terra Nova testing - multiple subjects like Spelling, Vocab, Language Mechanics and Math Computation.

Thursday's Homework -
Read for 15 minutes.

RRJ - Continue finding descriptions or mentions of the ladybug in James and the Giant Peach. Use Post-its to mark page and record page and line number in your RRJ.

Tomorrow is yet another day of Terra Nova testing - Math.
Wednesday's Homework -

Read for 15 minutes.

RRJ - Make a list of the things you couldn't live without (Like the one Suds made.)
Write a dinner scene like the one Suds had with his family. Use your family but you can make things up to make it funny like in Fourth Grade Rats. Try to write it like Jerry Spinelli did in our book.

Tomorrow is another day of Terra Nova testing - Reading Comprehension.

Tuesday's Homework -

Read Science text pages C32 - C39
Complete both sides of the sheet as you read.
Complete the Glaciers/Ice Cube chart in your Science notebook

Tomorrow begins a week of Terra Nova testing so the main homework is :

Get a good night's sleep!
Eat a good breakfast. Snack won't be until the testing is over for the morning.
Bring sharpened #2 pencils

Also - read for 15 minutes
Wordly Wise - Lesson 1A and 1B. You CAN do it in the workbook this year.

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