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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Test Scores

I've emailed scores to anyone I had an email address for and mailed them to anyone who gave me an envelope. If you would like to know, just send me a message here with an email address and I'll give them to you.


  1. Caroline ArdizzoneAugust 28, 2011 at 10:22 AM

    hi mrs.curry,its caroline. just wanted to see if everythin was ok. did the hurricane hit u hard....

    -Please Reply, Caroline Ardizzone

  2. Hi Caroline!

    I'm so sorry I didn't see your comments before. Blogger's been acting kind of strange and when I tried to post them, they didn't go through. Odd?
    Anyway, check your mail soon for a note in reply to your sweet posts.

  3. hi mrs.curry

    how has the first 2 days of school gone?!

    <3 Caroline

  4. Hi Caroline!

    Great 1st two days although I missed seeing you today. :(

    Did school start for you today? Tell me all about it, please.

  5. hi mrs.curry,

    just checked the blog.....everything is alright...today i had lunch with teressa stephanie and amanda, too!!!!! and plus we all have lockers, which i sometimes have trouble opening:(. its very different from st.ephrem, though...... plus the whole 6th grade gets IPADS; isnt that AWESOME!!!!!! ok well write to me when you get a chance....

    Love, Caroline Ardizzone

  6. have a good weekend!!

  7. Thank you to whoever wished me a good weekend. Hope yours is great too!

  8. Mrs.Curry,
    I am having fun with the ladybugs. I will see you on monday.

    Love Arianna