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Monday, June 6, 2011

Week that testing ends!

Wednesday -

Finish reading Religion chapter and do Chapter Review

Read according to your plan

Science notebook - write an entry describing what we did with the Three Sisters Garden. Also, go over your Science Notebook to make sure it is complete since I will collect them on Friday.

Tuesday -

CONGRATS to the boys for their playoff victory last night!  Good luck in the next game.

Good luck to the girls who have a playoff game tonight!  We're rooting for you.

 Light homework -

Continue with your reading plan.

Math - workbook page 122

We are officially DONE with NYS testing. Thank you to everyone for the hard work and for being here on the test. We had no makeups for any test!

To celebrate, there's no written homework tonight. Read according to your Guardians of Gahoole plan or your independent reading book.

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