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Monday, December 13, 2010

Week of December 13th

Thursday Homework
 Read for 20 minutes.
Math - workbook page 37.

Religion Take Home Test due Monay.
Science - Plant booklet due Tuesday.

Wednesday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes.
Study word study for test.
Math - test signed and corrected.
Social Studies - Read pages 46 - 53 and do page 10 in workbook.
Religion - finish pages 73 and 75

Tuesday - only HW is to study for Word Study test on Thursday.

REMINDER - the Christmas concert is tomorrow. Any concert tickets must be purchased in advance.
Children should report to the Old School Hall by 7. I will pick them up there and bring them to the classroom. Parents should pick children up from the classroom when the show is over.

Monday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes.
Word Study 4D (Test Thursday)
Math - test tomorrow on Chapter 2 and Bar Graphs (pages 25-26 and 242). Test is specifically on Commutative, Associative and Identity properties of addition (page 68), Algebraic Expressions and Variables (pages 74 - 75) and Addition and Subtraction Number Sentences (pages 76 - 77).

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