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Friday, September 10, 2010

Special Classes Schedule

The children copied this schedule into their planners, but I promised I would post it here as well for a reminder.

Monday:  Computer (9:15) and Art (1:45)

Tuesday: (Sr. Rosela - half the class first period and the other half second period) and Spanish (1:45)

Wednesday:  Gym (8:30)

Thursday:  Mass (9:45) and Music (10:30)

Friday: Library (11:00) and Olweus (Anti-bully program) meeting (1:45)

Attention Math Bee students!
Mrs. Scotto stopped by to see me this afternoon. She asked me to let you know that Math Bee will start on Monday at lunch. If you see this notice, please remember to bring your summer packet with you for Math Bee. Also, let any of the other Math Bee students know if you can, please.

Happy Weekend.
There's no written homework, but remember to bring back the Emergency form and the Gym paper.

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