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Monday, July 26, 2010

NYS Test scores - still waiting

7/29   NEW UPDATE:  We have the scores. I'm headed into school now to pick them up and will mail them out today to those who gave me an envelope or who dropped one off at school.

7/28  UPDATE:  I know there are articles in the press that the scores have been released by the state, but we have not yet received individual scores.

For anyone who may drop by looking for info on the test scores - still nothing.  NYS sent out a memo last week saying they'd be out sometime this week. I'll let you know when I send them out.

In the meantime, I hope everyone's having a great summer.


  1. Dear mrs curry,
    I came back from vacation yesterday and On my birthday,
    I did go carts.
    So there were 2 guys side by side and I was driving alone and I was doing Great. So one of the guys mad a sharp turn and I really crashed big.
    So I spun around and the other car was going really fast.
    So I got hit by him, hit the medal and almost broke my leg.
    But I was fine which was good.
    So when we got back home from that It was 12:00 at night.
    There was a wedding downstairs and then I here one fire engine , then two and then about 20 of them coming to the hotel.
    There was A REALLY Big Fight. People screaming it was really terrible.


  2. oh thanks mrs.curry 4 the info
    because i was gettin ferous

  3. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi! Mrs. Curry,
    How is your summer going? Good I hope. I haven't gotten my tets scores yet and my mom dropped the letter off at Mrs. Bartone's office. Have great rest of the summer.


  5. Hi Aisling,

    I'm having a great summer. Thanks for asking.

    I did get the envelope and mailed your scores. You should have them in a day or so. Let me know if you don't get them this week. I would think you'd have them by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.