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Monday, March 8, 2010

Week of March 8 - 12

Weekend Homework -

COACH Math practice - Lessons 2 (pages 32 - 35) and 3 36 - 39) on looseleaf.
PLEASE read the pages that review the lessons carefully. Then do the practice questions.

Note to parents - a letter went home about signing up for Parent teacher conferences. Please return it as soon as possible so I can try to accommodate everyone.

Please note that the Science Fair is not until March 30th. The people who are going to participate should not bring their projects back until that week because we don't have anywhere to store the projects and keep them safe.

This week's theme for Lent is compassion.

Thursday homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.

Math - fraction sheet and COACH book Chapter 1 Pages 27 - 31 on looseleaf

SS- study for test

Wednesday homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.

Math - fraction subtraction sheet

SS - finish the pages from Friday if you didn't. Do page 36 in notebook. For the speech you can either do it in your notebook or type it if you prefer.

Religion - Read article in Maryknoll Magazine - pages 14 - 19
How are the people of Buffalo being good neighbors?  Write an essay giving your answer.

Tuesday homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.
Respond in RRJ

Math - DHP pages 105 and 106

Social Studies  re-read pages 104  106. Complete chart
SS test on explorers - Friday3/12

Monday homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.

Religion - compassion sheet

Math - test signed and corrected.  Review sheet.

Word Study - Test signed and corrected.  Activities 5B and C

Reading skills sheet



  1. Mr. Curry,

    for social studies I dont get what I have to write

  2. Amanda - which SS? Do you mean page 104 from Tuesday? You have to write out the definitions for the vocabulary and identify why the places are important and where they are located.

  3. Mrs.Curry,

    for the essay that is due 3-18-10, do I type it or write it by hand???????????

  4. Either is fine, Alex. The winning essay will have to be typed to entered in the Diocesan contest, but for this first round it doesn't matter.

  5. Hi mrs. Curry its im stuck on lesson 2 page 33 of the coach book is it ok if i leave it for you to help me with in school tomorow


  6. You're welcome, Alex.

    Yes, of course, Nicolas. Just try to think about what part is confusing you so I can help you.

  7. Teh weather was sooooooooooooooo horrible yesterday. Soo many branches fell of of the tree infront of my house and i thought the other one was going to fall over on my house and breake a window!!!!! I was ssooo scared!!!! I am soo happy that it finished. While i was watching T.V, the screan said WARNING WARNING and then it talked about the weather and that it was dangereous to go outside. A guy died while he was walking in the park. A tree branch hit him! I have never seen weather this rough. It was like the Wisard Of Oz!!!! Mt dogs were even scared!!!
    PS- was it like that were you live?