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Monday, January 4, 2010

Week of January 4 - January 8, 2010

Weekend homework -


Complete the Science/SS/Art worksheet - the one on your clan animal.  You should have it in your clan folder but it actually involves information for all three subjects.

Our classroom looked so CLEAN this afternoon. Thank you to everyone for your great work in cleaning up and reorganizing your stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend!  

To respond to a question about the math homework. When I say show the work, you don't have to write out the entire question, just show how you go the answer. For example - for problem number 1 - the sides of the triangle are 3, 3, and 5. To find perimeter you add the sides. So for your answer, you should show:
1. 3 + 3 + 5= 11     C

Just a reminder to the people sending comments to the Book Blog - I can't post them until you return the permission slip.

Homework -

Read 20 minutes and record on log.

Math - COACH book - read page 146 and do pages 147-149 in Math Notebook. Show work.

Religion - Draw creation story

SS - Draw Iroquois creation story.

Yes, the tests are next week. If you look down below, I posted the dates and the topics for Math.

Michael - Fenway and Bart loved the presents. I took pictures that I sent you with the thank you note.

Wednesday Homework -
Library state project work due tomorrow. Remember - it doesn't have to be written up. Mrs. D. will work with you on it tomorrow.

Read 20 minutes and record on log
Religion - Read pages 161-164 and do exercise on 164.

Word Study - study definitions (text next Friday (January 15th)

Science - in your notebook, write an observation about the changes in your Three Sisters Garden. Include illustrations - either your own drawings or take a photograph.

SS - write a reflection on the video we watched ab out Native American storytelling. Remember - a reflection means writing about your thoughts or questions.

Math - test next Wednesday (January 13th) on area and perimeter.

Stephanie - I don't see any reason why you can't double-space the essay. It makes it easier to read that way.  I will bring Inkspell for you. Promise!

Tuesday Homework -

Read for at least 20 minutes and record on new logs. Remember - your December log was already due so bring it in if you haven't yet.

Math - 2 sheets

Word Study -copy the hilighted definitions from the second half of the new words into your word study notebook and do the sheet

SS - finish the Native American sheet. Answer the questions in your SS notebook. YES, you have to do the last question.  Think about the clans you chose and who you are sitting with. Those people are your clan members and the others in your group are the other clans in your village.  The animal on your folder is your clan animal.

REMINDER: The What St. Ephrem's Means to Me essays are due to Mrs. D. tomorrow!

Also remember all the notices, including the one about Our Book Blog.

Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful new year!

REMINDER: The What St. Ephrem's Means to Me essays are due to Mrs. D. on Wednesday.

Your Library State project is due on Thursday.  I spoke to Mrs. D about this and she said you DO NOT have to have a final draft. You need to bring in the sheets that you have done and she will help you finish the research and work on writing it up.

Homework - Monday

Read for at least 20 minutes and record on new logs. Remember - December logs were already due so bring it in if you haven't yet.

RRJ - Write a letter to me telling me your status with Tale of Despereaux. Are you done? Finished up to page 234, etc.  ALSO - tell me some of your thoughts about the book or at least what you have read so far.

Math - 2 sheets on area and perimeter

Word Study -copy the hilighted definitions from the new words into your word study notebook.


  1. where do we put the wordstudy words? in the "my words section" or in the front??


  2. I love Inkheart sooo much i can't stop reading. I just took a few minutes off to type this :) :D


  3. Amanda, you put them in the front section where you have the first set.

  4. Glad you're enjoying it so much, Teressa. There are two more when you finish that one. :)

  5. mrs.curry for the sombody wanted but so did you want us to write it on paper