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Friday, March 27, 2009

Homework for the week of March 23 - 27, 2009

Upcoming tests for the week of March 30 - April 3.

Math: (Friday) fractions - simple fractions, finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.

If you're still unsure of any of these, don't worry. We'll be working on them a lot in the coming week.

No written homework but be sure to make some time over the weekend to do some reading. If you'd like to earn some extra credit, make some predictions about what will happen next in the book you are reading. Write them in your RRJ (or on looseleaf if you didn't bring your RRJ home). As you read, check your predictions to see if they were accurate or not.


Reading - Read for 20 minutes. Record in RRJ. Write 2 questions you would like to ask the author.

Science: Choose 5 words you don't know (or are unsure of) from the list I gave you and look up the meaning. Write the meanings in your notebook.

Social Studies: Read pages 104 - 108. Do workbook page 23.

Reading - Read for 20 minutes. Record in RRJ.
LA - Poll your family members and friends on the two questions we discussed:
Should authors write children's books the way children really speak and behave?
Do authors have a responsibility to set a good example in their books?

Math - Write what you learned from the lesson Miss Marisa taught you today (in your Math notebook).

Social Studies - Pretend that you are an explorer about to set out for an unknown place. Write about how you are feeling. What do you expect to find? What are your hopes, fears? (Do in your SS notebook).


Reading - Read for 20 minutes. Record in RRJ.
Reading response - In RRJ Write what you think should be the beginning of the next chapter in Granny Torrelli. Remember the last chapter ended with Rosie and Granny bringing zuppa, bread and oranges to Bailey. What will happen when Rosie knocks on Bailey's door?

Science - Read pages F6 - F 16. Do workbook pages

Math - practice multiplication tables on one of the multiplication websites:

Multiplication.com (click on games)

Multiplication Madness!


Math - sheet on factoring
Religion - complete heart based on 1Corinthians 13. Choose a phrase that you like from 1Corinthians 13, write it on the heart and write why you chose that phrase.
Reading - Read for 20 minutes. Record in RRJ rather than on a reading log.
We are studying author's craft so look for something in your reading that you thought the author did especially well. Write about it in your RRJ and give examples that demonstrate what the author did.

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